Affiliated Faculty

Name Department Title Email Methods Expertise Substantive Expertise Department Profile or Personal Website
Marshall A. Taylor Sociology  Assistant Professor Natural Language Processing, Social Network Analysis, Multivariate Statistical Modeling, Data Visualization, Online Experiments Culture and Cognition, Political Sociology Click Here
Son Cao Tran Computer Science Professor Knowledge representation and reasoning, automated planning, multi-agent systems, multiagent path finding, nonmonotonic reasoning, argumentation Answer set programming, automated reasoning Click Here
Donovan Fuqua Accounting and Information Systems Assistant Professor Information Systems Deep Sequence Model Learning, Feature Extraction/Analysis, Multivariate Modeling, Time Series and Network Analysis Supply Chain, Distribution, and Quality Analytics (Predictive and Descriptive) Click Here
Hyeongjun Park Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Assistant Professor Reinforcement Learning, Learning-based Model Predictive Control, Imitation Learning Space Robotics, Autonomous Vehicles, Guidance and Control Click Here
Tonghui Wang Mathematical Sciences  Professor Multivariate statistical analysis, Estimation of effect sizes with applications; statistical learning, statistical modeling Actuarial sciences Click Here
Nancy J McMillan  Geological Sciences Professor, Department Head Multivariate analysis, Principal Component Analysis, Partial Least Squares Analysis Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy Click Here
Sangwon Lee Communication Studies Assistant Professor Survey, Online experiments, Automated content analysis Political communication, science communication, media effects Click Here
Suban Nur Cooley English  Assistant Professor Oral histories and interviews, Surveys, Participant observation, Focus Groups, Auto-ethnography Cultural and Digital Rhetorics, Technical and Professional Communication, Women’s and Gender Studies, International Development Click Here
Michael C. Hout Psychology Associate Professor mobile and desktop eye-tracking, behavioral experimentation, multidimensional scaling, similarity data collection, computational modeling, transcranial direct current stimulation, virtual reality visual cognition, attention, memory, similarity Click Here
Uchenna Peters Accounting Information and Systems Assistant Professor Qualitative, data and information visualization Implementation ànd change management, fake news, information security, and cybersecurity Click Here
Mike Kalkbrenner Counseling and Educational Psychology Associate Professor Quantitative, Qualitative, Mixed-Methods Psychometrics and multivariate statistics with a focus on the development and validation of instruments Click Here
Steven Sandoval Electrical and Computer Engineering Assistant Professor Machine Learning, Time-Frequency Analysis, Geometric Algebra, Data Visualization  Audio, Speech & Language, Health, and Defense Click Here
Parth Nagarkar Computer Science Assistant Professor Scalable data structures, High-dimensional data indexing, Hashing Big Data Management Click Here
Christopher Churchill Astronomy Professor Spectroscopic Analysis, Cosmological Simulations, Gas Ionization Modeling, Machine Learning Cosmological Absorption Line Spectroscopy, Low-Density Gas Physics Click Here
Huiping Cao Computer Science Associate Professor Time series analysis, graph analysis, neural networks, deep learning approaches, recommender systems Data mining, applied machine learning, databases Click Here
Michaela Buenemann Geography Associate Professor Remote sensing, GIS, Spatial Modeling Land System Science, Biogeography, Landscape ecology, Drylands Click Here
Carlo A. Mora-Monge Management Professor, Department Head Multivariate Statistics, Structural Equation Modeling, Data Visualization, Predictive Analytics Supply Chain Management, Information Systems, Operations Management Click Here
Laura E. Boucheron Electrical & Chemical Engineering Associate Professor Signal processing, image processing, machine learning, deep learning General image analysis, astronomy image analysis (especially solar images), biomedical image analysis, other interdisciplinary applications Click Here
Tuan Le Computer Science Assistant Professor Text mining, Probabilistic graphical models Data mining, Machine learning  Click Here
Patrick Trainor Chemistry and Biochemistry Assistant Professor Biostatistics, Epidemiology, Bioinformatics, Machine Learning, Bayesian Statistics, Survival Analysis, Genomics, Proteomics, Metabolomics, Systems Biology Bioinformatics for studying human health and disease Click Here
Olga Lavrova Electrical and Computer Engineering Associate Professor Reliability and Lifetime Studies, Hardware in the Loop Simulation Power Electronics, Semiconductor Design Physics, Power Systems Click Here
Satyajayant Misra Computer Science Professor Cybersecurity, Machine Learning Security, Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies  Cybersecurity, Networking, Optimization Click Here
Charlotte Gard Economics, Applied Statistics, and International Business Associate Professor Categorical Data Analysis, Survival Analysis, Risk Prediction Modeling Biostatistics, Statistical Programming Click Here
Mark Walker Philosophy Richard L. Hedden Chair of Advanced Philosophical Studies Formal Logic, Inductive Logic, and Critical Thinking Normative Ethics, Epistemology, AI Ethics, Nanotechnology Ethics, and Superlongevity Ethics Click Here
Heather Harper Sociology Assistant Professor Text Analysis, Social Network Analysis, Mutlivariate Statistical Modeling, Comparative-Historical Analysis Political Sociology, Policy Studies, Cultural Sociology Click Here
Paulette Vincent-Ruz Chemistry and Biochemistry Assistant Professor Structural Equation Modeling, Item Response Theory, Multilevel Modeling, Social Network Analysis, Multivariate Statistical Modeling, Survey Development and Validation Chemistry Education Research, STEM Ed (K-12), Equity & Justi Click Here